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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Princess Jasmine has been dethroned...and boy is she upset!

Before the baby was born I was only a little worried as to how the other girls would react to her. I remember being concerned back when Jasmine was born about how Eden would take to being 'dethroned' but she actually did really well transitioning to her big sister role. This time I anticipated that Jasmine may have a problem with welcoming another sister to the family but she also seemed to be dealing with it quite well...until this week. This week Jasmine has grown more and more hostile toward Acacia and the time mommy dedicates to her. A few nights ago we were all watching a movie together and Jasmine and I were snuggling on the couch when Acacia woke up and started crying. I turned to Jasmine and said, "The baby is crying. She's probably hungry. Should I pick her up?" "Uunhh uh." She shook her head no. 'I want daddy to hold her." "But she's hungry & only mommy can feed her." Russ tells her. At this she gets really upset and starts screaming "Nooo." and crying as I get up to get the baby. Today a similar situation occurred...but this time after I had sat down & started nursing, Jasmine comes over and hits the baby on the head with great conviction! When I start to scold her she takes another forceful swing at her intruding little sister! I grabbed her hand that time & Russ came to intervene.

I shouldn't be suprised...Jasmine has always dealt with stress & her emotions in a more flamboyant manner than Eden ever does but even so I was a bit suprised because it seems that what is upsetting her is Acacia's time with me and I've always thought of her as a daddy's girl. Hopefully she'll quickly be convinced that Mama has plenty of room in her heart (and lap) for all her girls.

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