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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The "Two-Face" Chili's

There is a Chili's restaurant being built a couple blocks from my house. For awhile we were excited about the prospect of having another choice for dining out. (Well sort-of, in my opinion Chili's & Applebee's are like fraternal twins. While they may technically be genetically different, they obviously came from the same womb.) But the excitement has, for me, turned to utter annoyance. The new Chili's is a monstrosity to the eye!! I don't know what in that very hot eternal place the Chili's corporation was thinking but this new design should have been left to burn there!

Perhaps my husband & I aren't really the best people to judge. We often joke with each other about having OCD, or here lately CDO (it's like OCD only the letters are in alphabetical order like they should be. *wink*) and we share a love of all things symmetrical. This new Chili's is like a big saber poking us in our symmetry loving eyes! Perhaps a less conventional person would be able to look at the new Chili's and appreciate the art in its non-traditional look but for me...every time I drive by I ponder the idiocy of the person who came up with the idea to design it that way and the apparent blindness of every person who had a hand in approving that decision.

Let me describe it's ridiculousness the best I can with mere words. It looks like they came up with two acceptable designs for the exterior of the building and then couldn't decide which they liked better, got in a huge fight and decided to compromise by doing one half in the one design and the other half in the other design. The west side of the building is painted green with multi-colored arched cloth awnings over each individual window. While the east side is dark red on top, yellow on the bottom with a strait square metal awning that spans the length of all the windows. Seriously what were they thinking!!?? I was having enough of a conniption when I found out that they were going to leave the sides two different colors but now that they put different awnings on each side I am even more annoyed. From now on I'm going to have to look away whenever I'm driving east-west on Hwy 26 or may have a design fit and cause a mishap on the road. The new Chili's reminds me of Two-Face from Batman Forever. And it's just as awful.

I wonder if it would be considered vandalism to give it a new paint job while everyone is sleeping?

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Anonymous said...

What a great post, from another CDO'er (I'm amazed it didn't dawn on me the correct order was CDO!!)
It hurt my brain just to read the description of the restaurant. I hope they don't build one like that near me. I know people that don't understand things like that, but it really does "hurt" to see something that is what I call "out of whack".