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Friday, November 7, 2008

My Movie Cast List

So, perhaps I'm pathetic but I have spent too much of my life pondering the question of who should play me and the key players in my life story if my life were to be made into a movie.

For me, I think I'd probably pick Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon or Zooey Deschanel. I think they are all very interesting actresses who are about my age. Of course they are all way better looking than me but 'hey' that's one of the perks of picking movie stars! Natalie Portman I think could be a great Gina except for her brown eyes but perhaps colored contacts could rectify that problem. Reese is cute and very funny (maybe too funny to play me...I'm much more serious.) Perhaps Zooey would be a good choice. (Did you know we are only a week apart in age?) She is edgy, funny, and unique but probably way too tall. (I wonder how tall she is, anyway.) Anyone have any other ideas for actresses to play me?

For Russ, I was thinking maybe Colin Ferrell or I'd also considered Jake Gyllenhaal but I don't think either one of them is attractive enough to play Russ. And a problem with Colin is that he has very dark eyes and Russ' are bright blue so I'm not sure that would work. I also thought of Hugh Jackman. Russ & I both enjoy his acting but he's kind of too old. Hmmm...maybe Jared Leto. I thought he was so hot back in high school and he has the blue eyes & dark hair in is favor. (Too bad he's kind of a freak in real life.)

I always thought that Julia Stiles or Katherine Heigl would be appropriate to play my best friend, Connie. And Jill would want Amanda Bynes to play her and I can't argue with that choice much. I also have ideas for a few other people but I think it better not to give too much away. ;)

Anyway, Now it's your turn, my readers...if your life was made into a movie and you could cast any actor/actress to play you, who would you choose? Leave your answers in the comments, please. I can't wait to hear your casting choices!


Meanma said...

Personally, if I couldn't cast Catherine Zeta Jones I think the perfect person to play me would be Mrs. Santa Claus. You might have to die her hair,and teach her to be a little meaner, but she would do nicely. Gregg...well he definitely could be portrayed by the pink panther. Yep! That's who.

Gina said...

I don't think the pink panther nor Mrs. Claus would count due to the fact that they are both fictional. Sorry...try again!

Ashley Goff said...

Hey Gina. I can' t help but suggest Jim Caviezel as Russ's character. I think a lot of his roles are serious though. But you should definately look into it ;)
-Ashley Goff

Jill said...

Amanda Bynes would obviously play me! She's cooky, crazy, a little bit off her rocker and just down right adorable! hahaha.. And I would have Jennifer Garner play my bff Kalla! Since I don't have a hubby yet I can't do that one, but I have good hopes of him looking just like Matt Lantar!! Mmmm :)